Welcome Aboard - An Introduction to SLY

SLY is often offered as a fundraiser for charity events and people who have never sailed before are frequently invited. This page is geared toward those who are new to sailing or have not sailed on SLY.  This should provide information about the boat and necessary details for how to be prepared and where to find additional information. 

Sailing on SLY - 2022 

Welcome! You are cordially invited to come sailing onboard SLY.  This page includes the information you will need about going sailing.


Here is the information about the boat and a little bit of what to expect.  

Safety is a priority 

Please be very careful when stepping on or off the boat at the dock. Depending on the tide there could be a significant level change. When sailing, the boat heels over and moves through the waves, and you should be in good physical condition to maintain your balance. Seasickness can be a concern but is easily manageable if you take the drugs before we leave the dock. 

The boat has life jackets (they are actually pretty comfortable) and if there are any concerns we would suggest that you wear one. 

Summer evenings are generally beautiful light breezes and very relaxing excursions, occasionally there is a thunderstorm that might threaten, but if prepared, there is nothing to worry about. 

The Boat

SLY is an Xp44 manufactured by X-yachts in Denmark. 


The boat is a 44sloop with asymmetrical spinnakers and is fully prepared for racing offshore. In June of 2018, we raced out to Bermuda and took Line Honors in the Annapolis to Bermuda Race.  The boat has full electronic instrumentation, navigation, autopilot, AIS, GPS, and satellite communications. 

The boat has a head for your comfort. Please if it does not come out of your body it should not go down the head. There will be a trash bag for toilet paper and other items. 


The boat can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people including for a race or day sail. If you have an interest in working the boat, please let me know if you would like to participate. We can put you to work, or I can call in a few crew that will be happy to help. We are more than happy to teach you as much as you want to know about sailing and the boat. 


The boat is located at Severn House in Annapolis. The drive from DC with no traffic is about an hour – in rush hour it can take over 1.5 hours. Here is the link with the location. Severn House  - Please park in the spaces with the GREEN painted curb that says visitor”.  

After you pass through the gate, Please drive straight, the parking area curves around to the right, until you see a fence on the left along a gravel path. After you park, walk down that path to the water, turn left and then make a right onto the first finger pier that you come to - the boat is on E Dock in Slip 13 (all the way at the end on the left). 


Dress appropriately for the weather. During the summer months, shorts and t-shirts are the appropriate dress, and soft sole shoes should be worn. Maybe a windbreaker for cooler summer evenings. Pay attention to the weather – it is generally a little cooler on the water. Be prepared to get a little wet from spray or possible rain.

Physical Health & Sea Sickness

You should be in relatively good physical condition – the boat moves through the waves and will heel over in a breeze. You should be able to hold yourself stable.  I will assume that everyone can swim. There is always a chance of falling overboard. If you would prefer please feel free to ask for a life jacket – we have plenty.  

If there is any concern about seasickness please let me know beforehand, we have some great drugs with little or no side effects, but you should take them before we leave the dock.   

The Weather 

Regarding the weather, it can change quickly.  I am generally prepared to go rain or shine. The boat has all the instruments and we can navigate in fog and track the weather.  The boat is fully capable of sailing in heavy winds – small craft advisories are great sailing conditions. Only in cases of thunderstorms will we postpone. In most cases, its a short wait until the storm moves out of the area. The experience level of the crew will determine the ability to sail in rougher conditions. 

Weather forecast https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/md/annapolis/21403

Thomas Point Light: https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=tplm2

Food & Drink

There is generally plenty of beer and water on the boat. Please feel free to bring any refreshments that you might desire. Please refrain from bringing glass bottles and that you take any perishables with you at the end of the sail, otherwise I will have to throw them out.  



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