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SLY on the Hard

SLY was hauled out for the season on Friday November 9th. She will go back in the water in April of 2019

Welcome to SLY Sailing!

Welcome to SLY Sailing, this is the website with the information for those racing and sailing on sly and our family and friends.  SLY is an Xp44 Sailboat in Annapolis. The boat was new in 2014 and formerly named Rival and had won the Annapolis to Bermuda Race in 2015. I purchased the in May of 2018, 28 days before the start of the 2018 Annapolis to Bermuda Race in early June. We took line honors and corrected to 4th place on the PHRF handicap. Here is a video of SLY doing the 2018 A2B Race . Here are a few articles from Capital Gazzette: Fox hopes to sail SLY to line honors in the 21st Annapolis to Bermuda Race SLY is first to finish the Annapolis to Bermuda Race