SLY 2019 Launch - Friday April 5th

SLY is scheduled to be launched on Friday morning, April 5th at Bert Jabins

Assuming that the weather is looking good, once the boat is in the water, we will put the sails on and go for a short sail.

INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION:  Mike Jones is scheduled to show up early afternoon to go out with us and calibrate the instruments. Core Crew should plan to be there at 1100 to rig the boat.

We will need help. Please let me know that you can make it.
RSVP for April 5th here.

The updated SLY Calendar is here:

I'm also waiting for Mark & Jason to provide a time when they can come out with us.  The goal there will be to adjust things and see how our boat speed compares to the polars. Hopefully that will be mid- April.



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